PlusPortals Videos

Class Management Videos for Teachers

Get started managing all of your classes on the TeacherPlus Portal with our video tutorials.

TeacherPlus Portal Home Page OverviewPlay Button

Home Page Overview

Learn how to navigate your teacher portal home page to access your classes, their gradebooks, school announcements, alerts, and resources.

Manage a Specific ClassPlay Button

Manage a Specific Class

Learn to quickly manage a specific class, including creating a class summary, posting announcements and alerts, adding homework and resources, and more!

Manage AssignmentsPlay Button

PlusPortals Assignment Walkthrough

Explore the PlusPortals' assignment process. See how a teacher creates an assignment, how a student accesses and submits that assignment, and how the teacher returns a review and comments.

Collect Homework with E-LockerPlay Button

Collect Homework

Explore the functionality of the PlusPortals' E-Locker. Learn how to use E-Locker to collect homework, view quiz submissions, and access staff and student portfolios.

Send Emails and MessagesPlay Button

Send Emails and Messages

Explore how to communicate with students, parents, and staff using emails and messages, and learn when to use each method.

Portal Management Videos for Parents

Get started managing your information on the ParentPlus Portal with our video tutorials.

Customize Directory ListingPlay Button

Customize Directory Listing

Learn to add your contact information to the parent directory or completely remove yourself from the directory.

Customize E-Mail NotificationsPlay Button

Customize E-Mail Notifications

Learn to enable email notifications and customize their frequency as well as disable them completely.

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