To view and filter events on the Event Calendar, follow these steps:

  1. On the right side of the toolbar, click   to display the Dashboard.
  2. Click Event Manager.
    The Events page opens, displaying either the Event Calendar or a list of recently created events.
  3. Click Event Calendar to display all events in your RediSite calendar.

Note: The Event Calendar is an administration/management page the public cannot view. In the sitemap, the public page is called Events.
Event Calendar Viewing and Filtering Options

Select the calendar, event type, and/or event category to filter on.

Note: The event types drop-down list only appears when event types have been created.


Type the name of an event you want to search for.


Switch between the Event Calendar and a list of recently created events.


When viewing a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar, move forward or back through previous or upcoming months, weeks, or days.


View only events for the current day.


View a monthly, weekly, or daily calendar.

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