The Store feature in RediSite allows you to add products, display these products to potential customers, and take orders and payments through the Rediker Payment Gateway. 

Note: The Store feature is currently only available in the Advanced and Custom packages. Express packages will not have the Store feature enabled in their site. 

Important: The Store feature is for selling physical items like hoodies and shirts, or to accept simple, one-time payments like donations

It is not recommended to use the Store feature for other purposes, like hosting online auctions or raffles, accepting tuition payments, or scheduling classes.

OrdersSee a summary of all your orders.
ProductsSet up new products and edit your existing products.
DiscountsCreate new discounts on a per-item or per-store basis.
SettingsConfigure your store's general settings.
ReportsView and export reports on sales per time period.
MultilingualIf additional locales are defined, manage languages and translations.
ManufacturersEdit manufacturer information for your products.


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