The Home Page feature allows you to set up 6 separate parts of your home page, called Tiers in RediSite. Each tier corresponds to a separate "piece" of your home page: 

Note: The Express package only has access to 3 tiers - the Advanced package can access all 5. 

Splash TierFull width collage block used as a welcoming aesthetic feature.
Tier 1One column centered 100% with an Icon Tiles block to show statistics and other numeric information.
Tier 2One column centered 100% with an image and Content Block. 
Tier 3Full width section with an Action Tiles block that points visitors to specific important pages. 
Tier 4Three columns (each at 33.3% of the page)( with an Announcements List, Event List, and Links block serving as an information hub. 
Tier 5Full width with 3 columns that displays a Page List, Twitter Feed, and Facebook Feed. 

Important: Any time you save, your changes are automatically reflected in the live site - there is no preview option. It is recommended that you plan your layout first. 

To set up your home page look and feel and configure your tiers, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to RediSite, and then click  to open the Dashboard.  
  2. Click Redisite Advanced
  3. Click Configure under the  Home Page Configuration panel.  
  4. Select a Collage Type for your homepage (the collage displays images as a header style as shown below). 
  5. Configure the Splash Tier by following these steps:
    1. Select a Layout (Full Width is recommended). 
    2. Select a Background Color
    3. Select a Text Color
    4. Select a Link Color
    5. Configure your Border options. 
    6. Click Select Image to choose a Background Image
    7. Select a Type. 
    8. Select the Opacity of the background image. 
    9. Select an Attachment style. 
  6. Configure Tier 1 through Tier 5 by scrolling through the options and selecting your desired configurations. Below are examples of how Tier 1 - Tier 5 typically look on a site: 
    1. Tier 1
    2. Tier 2
    3. Tier 3
    4. Tier 4
    5. Tier 5

  7. Click Save