With RediSite, your school can achieve and maintain a great-looking, ADA-compliant website that is mobile-friendly and easy to edit and update.

Product Documentation

Get Started

This chapter introduces you to the Redisite application with login and website activation instructions and overviews of Redisite features. To get started, see t …

Redisite Configuration Guide

The topics in this chapter are related to configuring the look and feel of your RediSite.  In this chapter, you will learn how to perform the following tasks: G …

Manage Your Account

This topics in this chapter describe the tasks related to managing your Redisite account, such as changing your password. For more information, see the followin …

Manage Users

You can give users access to your school's Redisite and assign them to a group based on the permissions you want them to have. For more information, see the fol …

Contact Directory Manager

Using the Contact Directory Manager, you can create contacts and add personal and work Information to them. You can also add locations with contact information …

Navigate and Search Your Site

This chapter describes your options for viewing your school's Redisite, such as using the sitemap and search features. See the topics below for more information …

Add Pages

You can add a new page to your school's Redisite from the sitemap or through the New Page menu. The following topics describe the options for adding pages to yo …

Edit Pages and Blocks

You can edit the layout of your pages and add content to them by creating container layouts and adding blocks of content.  See the topics below for details on a …

Customize the Appearance of Your Site

This chapter covers ways to customize your school's Redisite. For instance, you can add a photo banner to your home page. See the following topics for more info …

Add Content

This chapter describes tasks related to adding content to your site. For instance, you can create blog posts and upload files. See the following topics for more …

Links Manager

This chapter describes tasks related to managing links on your site. To learn about adding links, links blocks, and links categories to your RediSite, see the f …

Event Manager

Using the Event Manager, you can manually add school events to your RediSite school calendar, or you can automatically feed events from your PlusPortals, Google …

Announcement Manager

With the Announcement Manager, you can create announcement blocks to display important information on your RediSite. Announcements can be added manually or thro …

Manage Permissions

You can control how users interact with a page. Permissions rely on the user groups that you assign when you add a user. For more information on managing permis …


The Store feature in RediSite allows you to add products, display these products to potential customers, and take orders and payments through the Rediker Paymen …


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