The RediSite Express/Advanced Configurations Menu allows you to customize your RediSite's look and feel to match your school's branding. Options are easily customizable with no coding or tech support assistance needed in most cases. 

Important: All of the options included in the Configurations Menu are live upon saving. 

It is helpful to determine the exact changes you wish to make prior to saving configuration changes. 

Note: Some options shown in this guide are only available to users on the Advanced Package. 

Each chapter notes which package is required to change the described options. 

To start configuring your RediSite, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to your RediSite. 
  2. Click  to open the Dashboard. 
  3. Depending on your package, click either Redisite Advanced or Redisite Express.
  4. You will see the following options. Click Configure under any of the following settings to begin setup: 


    Theme Styles ConfigurationEdit settings related to your site's theme like brand colors and font (see Configure Your Site's Theme Style).

    Header ConfigurationCreate a header display for your site, including your site's logo and utility links (see Configure Your Site's Header). 

    Footer Configuration

    Create a footer for your site. 

    Note: These settings come pre-configured and do not require additional setup. 

    Home Page ConfigurationSet up the home page for your site (see Set Up Your Home Page). 

    Interior Page Configuration

    Advanced Package Only

    Edit the appearance, alignment, and borders of pages in your site. 

    Compliance Configuration

    Edit settings related to compliance. 

    Note: These settings come pre-configured and do not require additional setup.