When you create or edit an event, you define the following options on the Create New Event or Edit Event page:

Event Options


Type a short title for the event.

Note: Titles should be 1-5 words.


Type a short description for the event.

Note: Descriptions should be no more than a few sentences.


Click Choose Image to add a thumbnail image to the event page.

Appear on Calendars

Select the calendars you want the event to appear on.


Select the categories you want to assign the event to.

Event Links To

Select (Default) Nothing if the event appears as text with no links.

Select Event Page if the event contains a link to an event page. The event page is automatically added to the sitemap under Events. By default, the event page contains the basic event details, but you can edit the contents of the page.

Select URL if the event links to an external web page.


Appears when you select Event Page in the Event Links To drop-down list. Displays the text "Event page will be created" until you save the event. The text is then replaced with View page, which links to the event page.

Link Text

Type a descriptive display name to replace the event page heading or URL link.


Type the full URL of the external link.


Click Choose Attachment to add a file to the event.

Attachment Link Text

Type a descriptive title to replace the attachment file name.

Event Location


Type the location of the event.


Select the timezone the event will take place in.

Event Date(s)


Select the start date for the event. If the event has a start time, select the Has start time check box and select a start time.


Select the end date for the event. If the event has an end date, select the Has end date check box and select a date. If the event has an end time, select the Has end time check box and select an end time.


Select a repeat frequency for the event. If the event doesn't repeat, select Never.

Add Date

Add the event to the selected calendars. The start/end dates and times for the event displays under Dates for this event.

To delete a date from Dates for the event, click .

Custom Date Output (override)

Create an alternate date and time that displays on the event page when the event is reoccurring.


You may have an event that begins Tuesday, March 19 but occurs every Tuesday at 3:00 PM. By default, the first date (Tuesday, March 19) displays on the event page. You can override that date by typing an alternate date (such as, Every Tuesday at 3:00 PM) for  Custom Date Output (override).

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