You can add Google calendar events to your RediSite calendar by creating a feed. The feed is updated based on the refresh frequency you specify. You can also edit, clear, and delete the feed.

Important: Google calendars must be public to properly display on your RediSite. Although there is no limit to the number of feeds you can create, having too many feeds may slow load times and affect site performance.

Select the Google Calendar

Follow these steps to select the Google calendar you want to feed to your RediSite:

  1. Log in to Google and access your Google calendars.
  2. Select the calendar.
  3. Make sure that the calendar is public.
  4. In your Google calendar settings, locate and copy the calendar address in iCal format.

Create the Calendar Feed

Follow these steps to create the calendar feed in RediSite:

  1. Open your RediSite.
  2. On the right side of the toolbar, click  to display the Dashboard.
  3. Click Event Manager.
  4. Click Feeds.
    The Feeds page opens.

  5. Click Create Feed.
  6. Under Register Feed, configure the calendar feed options. (See Calendar Feed Options.)
  7. Click Add Feed.
  8. In the Feeds list, click Process Now to feed events from the Google calendar.
    The number of events processed for the feed, excluding reoccurring events, appears above the feeds list. The number of events processed for the feed, including reoccurring events, appears in the Number of Events column.
  9. Repeat the preceding steps for each Google calendar you want to add your RediSite calendar.

Edit, Clear, or Delete a Calendar Feed

To edit, clear, or delete a calendar feed, click the name and do one of the following:

  • Edit the appropriate calendar feed options, and then click Edit Feed. (See Calendar Feed Options.)
  • Clear all events previously fed from the Google calendar by clicking Clear Feed, and then click OK.
  • Delete the feed by clicking Delete Feed, and then click OK to confirm the deletion.
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