You can create categories and assign them to events. On the calendar, a user can select a category to filter on specific types of calendar events. There is no limit to the number of event categories you can create. For example, you could create an event category called "Athletics" or "After-school Activities". When creating an incoming feed, you can assign all events in the feed to an event category. Event categories assigned in PlusPortals are automatically fed to your RediSite calendar.

Follow these steps to create an event category:

  1. On the right side of the toolbar, click   to display the Dashboard.
  2. Click Event Manager.
  3. Click Categories.
    The Categories page opens.
  4. Click Create Category.
  5. Type a Name for the category.

    Note: Handle auto fills when you save the category.

  6. Optional: In the Color drop-down list, select a color to display for the category in the calendar block and the event categories list, and then click Choose.

    Note: Assigning colors to categories visually groups like events.

  7. Click Add Category.

Note: To edit an event category or to delete one that is not linked to any events, click the category and do one of the following:

  • Edit the Name and/or Color, and then click Edit Category.
  • Click Delete Category, and then click OK to confirm the deletion.
Important: You can't delete an event category that is linked to an event or coming from a Google, Outlook 365, or PlusPortals feed.
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