You can create blog posts about past or upcoming events and other information, such as the success of a fundraiser or a retiring teacher's achievements. To create a blog post, follow these steps:

  1. On the toolbar, click .
  2. Under New Page, click Blog Post. You may need to click More to view the full list of options.
  3. On the Composer - Blog Post page, type the Blog Post Title.
  4. Under Public Date/Time, enter the date and time you want the blog post to appear to have been published.

    Important: This is not the date and time the blog post will be published. With this setting, you can make your blog posts appear to have been posted on the hour rather than at the exact time you publish, such as six minutes past (as is shown in the image below step 6).

  5. Under Teaser Short Description, type a summary of the blog post.
  6. Under Thumbnail, click Choose File, and select an image to appear next to the blog post on your blog page.
  7. To show the image on the full blog post, select the Show Blog Post Thumbnail Image check box.
  8. To hide the publish date on the full blog post, select the Hide Blog Post Date check box.
  9. To add the author of the blog post, select their name from the Select a Contact drop-down list.
  10. If you select a contact, you can select which of their titles to display in the Select Other Titles to Display drop-down list.
  11. Click Edit Mode.
  12. Click Empty Content Block, and then click Edit Block.
  13. Type the blog post. You can format the text, add images, and insert links using the options in the text editor.

    Warning: You may encounter formatting issues if you copy and paste content into the block. You can report issues to

  14. Click Save.
  15. To publish the blog post, click  on the toolbar, and do either of the following:
    1. To publish the blog post immediately, click Publish Page.
    1. To schedule a time to publish the blog post, click . Select the check box under From, and then click in the field to select the date you want the blog post to be published. Select the time you want the blog post to be published. If you want to publish the blog post for a span of time, under To, select the check box and set the date and time you want the blog post to be unpublished.

Note: If you have Page List blocks configured, the blog post automatically appears in the list.

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