Your site's  Theme Styles Configuration allows you to edit the styling of your site, including the primary colors (or Brand Colors) and typography. 

To customize your site's theme style, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to RediSite, and then click  to open the Dashboard.  
  2. Click Redisite Advanced
  3. Click Configure under the  Theme Styles Configuration header. 
  4. To change your site's Palette, click the down arrow by the color you wish to change. You can either use the hue slider and click your desired color or enter the hex code for the color. Then, click Choose

    Note: The theme and coding of your RediSite uses Brand Color 1 for some specific items like the Main Menu and Global Sidebar, which are coded into the theme. 

    You can change Brand Color 1, but this may not change the hard-coded color on the Main Menu and Global Sidebar (or other theme aspects that are coded into the theme). 

    Important: When you change colors in the palette. the changes will immediately be reflected in your site - there is no example display. 

    Additionally, RediSite will not remember your previous color choices. If you are testing colors, best practice is to take note of the hex code of the original color before changing it.  

  5. To change your site's Typography, follow these steps:

    Note: The text options for the Advanced package provide more flexibility and customization than the Express package. 

    In the Advanced package, you can change the Section Heading 1 and Section Heading 2 styles, as well as choose brand colors for text and select fonts from a larger font library. 

    1. Scroll to the section typography you wish to change. For reference, in the Express package, you can change the Headings (1), the Novelty (2), and the Body (3) typography. 

    2. Select a Font for the section. 
    3. If available, select a Style for the text.
    4. To bold the text, check the Bold Text check box. 
    5. To capitalize the text, check the Capitalize check box. 
    6. Advanced Only: under Headings, enter the heading size in pixels. 
    7. Advanced Only: edit the Section Heading 1 and Section Heading 2 style. 


      Section Headings can be used to emphasize specific sections with specified, colored headings as shown in the samples below. 

    8. At any time, click Refresh Sample to preview text changes. 
  6. Under Text Link Settings, follow these steps:

    1. Select a Link Color

      Note: The default Blue color is selected because it is the most ADA compliant color.

      You are free to change the color, although it's recommended to choose an ADA compliant color if possible. 

    2. To bold links, select the Bold Link Text check box. 
    3. To underline links, select the Underline Link Text check box. 
  7. When you are finished making changes to your site's theme, click Save