When you create or edit a calendar feed, you define the following options on the Feeds page:

Calendar Feed Options


Type a short, descriptive name for the feed.


Click Yes to enable the feed.


For Google or Outlook 365 calendar feeds, click iCalendar Feed.


Paste the full URL for the Google or Outlook 365 (ICS) calendar.

Add events to calendar

Optional: Add incoming calendar events to a calendar you've created on RediSite.

Add events to categories

Optional: Assign incoming calendar events to a category you've created on RediSite.

Convert dates/times to site timezone

Convert dates and times in the incoming calendar to your website time zone. Click Yes if you're not in the Eastern Time zone and/or the incoming calendar does not match your time zone.

Refresh Interval

Type or select how often (2-5 minutes) the calendar feed pulls information from Google or Outlook 365 to refresh your website. The default is 2 minutes.

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