You can apply style and design features (such as font color, background color, borders, padding, and margins) at the block and area level. These styles are inherited by the contents; however, you can override them by adding styles to a another block, area, or element that is more specifically associated with the content that you want to customize.

Example Layout

For the purposes of illustration, say that you set the font colors for a page in the following way:

Main Area: Orange

  • Column 1 Area: Green
    • Paragraph 1.1: Red
  • Column 2 Area: Blue
    • Paragraph 2.1: Yellow

Using these settings, Paragraph 1.1 is Red and Paragraph 2.1 is Yellow even though each is contained in a Main Area and a Column Area with set font colors.

For Paragraph 1.1, Orange (set at the Main Area) is overridden by Green (set at Column 1 Area), which is overridden by Red (set at the paragraph element).

For Paragraph 2.1, Orange (set at the Main Area) is overridden by Blue (set at Column 2 Area), which is overridden by Yellow (set at the paragraph element).

In the example below, you can continue to add content to the Main Area below the two Column Areas, and the font color will return to Orange.

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