If you have a group of contacts to add at the same time, you can batch add basic contact listings. The Batch Add Contact page provides only the most imporant contact info fields and the form resets each time you save a contact.

To batch add contacts, do the following:

  1. On the right side of the toolbar, click  .
  2. In the Dashboard, click Contact Directory Manager.

    The Contact Directory Manager page opens.

  3. On the Contact Directory Manager page, click Contacts - Quick Add.

  4. On the Batch Add Contact page, do the following:

    Batch Add Contacts

    First Name

    (Required) Enter full first name.

    Last Name

    (Required) Enter full last name.


    Enter an official title.

    Phone Number

    Enter a primary telephone number.

    Phone Extension

    Enter an extension for the primary telephone number.


    (Required) Enter a valid email address, preferably within your organization.

    Category Tags

    Select one or more user category tags to identify this contact's role in your school.

    Note: This is an optional, but recommended, field. These tags allow you to sort and filter your school's contact list.
  5. Click Save and begin adding another contact.

    The new contact appears in the list below the Batch Add Contact form.

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