When you create or edit an announcement, you configure the following details:

Announcement Details


A descriptive title for the announcement.

Note: Titles should be around 1-5 words.

Alert Announcement

No: A standard announcement, without a corresponding alert.

Alert: An alert announcement, with a corresponding alert in your RediSite's alert areas.


A Font Awesome icon can be added to the beginning of the title.


The main text of the announcement.

Note: Descriptions should be no more than a few sentences. You can use the Announcement Page for additional information.


A thumbnail image displayed on the Announcement List Block and the Announcement Page.

Note: This setting is not available for Alert Announcements.


One or more categories assigned to the announcement for sorting and filtering.


A designation that keeps the announcement at the top of the announcement list.

Announcement Start/End

The date range the announcement is active for.

Note: These dates determine whether an announcement is a Current Announcement, Future Announcement, or a Past Announcement. The start date defaults to the day, hour, and minute when you clicked Create Announcement, and the end date defaults to a month after the start date.

Announcement Links To

(Default) Nothing: The announcement heading is standard text.

Announcement Page: The announcement heading is a link to the announcement page. You can edit the announcement page to provide additional information regarding the announcement.

A Page in the Sitemap: The announcement heading is a link to an existing page from your sitemap.

URL: The announcement heading is a link to an external web page.


A document that provides additional information about the announcement.

Attachment Link Text

A descriptive title to replace the attachment's filename.

Alert Announcement Details

Alert Announcement Details

Alert Color

Default: Standard text

Green : Success text for alerts that are "thank you" messages or positive updates.

Blue : Information text for alerts that are reminders or simple, informational alerts.

Yellow : Warning text for alerts that are urgent, like an application deadline.

Red : Danger text for alerts that are very important, like dangerous weather or a school closing.

Alert Dismissible

No: The alert banner is permanent for the duration of the alert period.

Yes, alert can be dismissed/hidden: The alert banner includes an  x  button in the upper-right corner to dismiss the alert.

Important: When a user dismisses an alert, their selection is saved by the browser. They won't see the alert again until the browser cache and cookies are cleared.

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