Events and calendars are displayed on your RediSite using the Event List/Calendar block. By default, the Event List/Calendar block appears on the Home page, where it displays a brief list of upcoming events, and on the Events page, where it displays a monthly calendar. You can place additional Event List/Calendar blocks wherever you want them.

To add and configure an Event List/Calendar block, follow these steps:

  1. Add an Event List/Calendar block to your page. (See Add Blocks to a Page.)
    The Add Event List/Calendar dialog box opens.
  2. See the diagram and table below to configure the events displayed in the block, and then click Add to add the block to the page.

Add Event List/Calendar Block Options

Select the type of events you want to display by selecting one of the following options:

    • Current and Future Events shows events occurring today and in the near future.

      Tip: This option works well for home pages and other landing pages.

    • Current Events shows events occurring today.

    • Future Events shows upcoming events.

    • Past Events shows events that have already occurred.

    • All Events shows all past, current, and future events.

Important: If your calendars contain several events, selecting All Events may result in slower load times.


Filter the events that display by selecting one or more calendars, special event types, and/or event categories.


Select this check box to hide events that appear on all calendars, only displaying events that are assigned to the calendars you're filtering on.


Select the number of events you want displayed. To display all events, type 0.

Note: This option is useful for blocks appearing on pages with limited space (such as a home page), or when you're using an agenda/accordion-type template.


When the number of events is limited (for example, if you're using an accordion template), you can select this check box to add buttons that allow users to move forward and back through all events.


Appears when you select the Display pagination interface if more events are available than are displayed check box so that you can select how many pages of events you want to display at a time. To display an unlimited number of pages, type 0.


Specify how much of the event description displays by selecting this check box and typing a maximum number of characters.

Note: This option only works with the default calendar view.


Select this check box to allow users to filter events by calendar, event type, and/or event category.

Note: This option is useful when displaying a monthly calendar and using multiple calendars and/or categories.

Important: This option only works when using the calendar custom template.

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