Container Layouts give you control over the structure of your RediSite pages. You can nest layouts within other layouts, allowing you to create complex page structures. After you've added a layout, you can add blocks to the resulting Column Areas. You can also customize the Column Areas you create through this process.

To add a container layout to a RediSite page, do the following:

  1. In Edit Mode, click the block area label, and then click Add Layout.

  2. In the grid layout settings box, do the following:

    Container Layout Controls

    Set the Grid type.

    Note: For most RediSite configurations, you can choose from Free-Form Layout or Twitter Bootstrap.

    Set the number of Columns in the grid.


    (Optional) If you selected Free-Form Layout for the Grid, you can set the Spacing between columns.


    (Optional) To lock or unlock column width adjustment, click .


    (Optional) To adjust the default column width, click and drag the sliders.

  3. Once the grid is arranged, click Add Layout.
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