Using the Contact Directory Manager, you can create contact listings and add Personal Information, Work Information, Contact Information, Links, and a Biography.

To add a contact, do the following:

  1. On the right side of the toolbar, click  .
  2. In the  Dashboard, click  Contact Directory Manager.

    The  Contact Directory Manager  page opens.

  3. On the  Contact Directory Manager  page, click  Contact Manager.

  4. On the  Contact Manager  page, click  Add Contact.
  5. On the  Add Contact  page, add the contact details:

    Add Contact Details
    General Information

    Sorting Number

    Customize where this contact will appear in the contact list.

    Personal Information


    Select a prefix from the drop-down list.

    First Name

    (Required) Enter full first name.

    Middle Name

    Enter middle name or initial.

    Last Name

    (Required) Enter full last name.


    Select a suffix from the drop-down list.

    Select a contact image for the listing.

    Work Information

    Internal ID Number

    Enter the ID number used by your organization. For example, an AdminPlus UNID or APID.

    Category Tags

    Select one or more user category tags to identify this contact's role in your school.

    Note: This is an optional, but recommended, field. These tags allow you to sort and filter your school's contact list.

    Title or Position

    Enter an official title or position.

    + Add Another Title

    Enter secondary and tertiary positions or titles.

    Contact Information

    Phone Number

    Enter a primary telephone number.

    Phone Extension

    Enter an extension for the primary telephone number.

    Mobile Phone Number

    Enter a mobile phone number.


    (Required) Enter a valid email address, preferably within your organization.

    + Add Alternative Email

    Enter an alternative email and determine whether or not it is displayed in the staff directory.


    Select one or more user location tags to identify this contact's location within your school. For more information, see  [Add a Location].


    If your Admissions Office is located at an address that is different from the address for your Main Office, you can set different addresses for each location. In addition, you can add web addresses, social media links, map links, and phone numbers for each location.

    + Add Home Address

    Enter the contact's home address.


    Internal Page

    Click  Choose a Page, and then select the contact's internal page to link to.

    Website URL

    Paste the URL for the home page of the contact's personal website.


    Paste the URL for the contact's Twitter profile.


    Paste the URL for the contact's Facebook profile.


    Paste the URL for the contact's Instagram profile.



    Enter and format a short biography of the contact.

    Note: This biography appears in the staff directory.

    Blog Author

    Blog Author

    Enable or disable the Blog Author setting.

    Note: If enabled, this contact's profile information (Name, Title, and Biography) will appear on blog posts associated with this contact.

  6. Click  Add Contact and back to list


    Click  Add Contact and stay.

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