When you log in to your teacher portal, you see the User menu, Master menu, and the Master menu Home tab. These items are described in the diagrams and tables below.

Important: Your PlusPortals administrator determines the User menu tabs, Master menu tabs, and tab panels you see.

User Menu, Master Menu, and Home Tab Upper Panels

On the User menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • View TeacherLists classroom supplies lists and Groups  you're a member of.

  • View and print your schedule.

  • Click the arrow next to your name to switch roles in PlusPortals (for example, from teacher to parent), reset your password, and edit your profile settings.

  • Click Help to access Rediker Software user documentation and videos, and to log out of PlusPortals.

Important: During the new year transition period, your school administrator may choose to hide scheduling information for the new year.

When you log in, you see the Master menu Home  tab. Click other tabs on the Master menu to perform the following tasks:

  • Access the Gradebook.

  • Manage your Calendar.

  • Review Course Requests and make course recommendations.

  • View School Announcements.

  • Manage E-Mail and Messages.

  • View submitted assignments and quizzes using E-Locker.

  • View the school Directory.


Click the notification icons to view new alerts, emails, messages, and notifications.

Note: Photos are added by your AdminPlus administrator. 


View upcoming school-wide and class-specific calendar events, as well as coursework you post to the calendar. Click an event to view details.


Click to open the Gradebook for a specific class.

Note: To learn more about Gradebook, see TeacherPlus Gradebook.


View your classes, including course or section numbers, meeting times, and number of students. Click a class to open its Class Page.

To change how the class name appears on the Home page, see Configure Course Display Settings.

Note: Co-teachers see asterisks next to their classes. (For more information on co-teaching, see the TeacherPlus Management Site User Guide.)


Click to quickly access other class-related tasks.

   Home Tab Lower Panels

Review school-wide notifications and alerts. Notifications display in black, while alerts display in red to indicate a higher importance.


Click to view details for an item.


View school-wide announcements.


View files or links your school shares with staff members. In the drop-down list, select a different folder to see additional items.


Navigate between pages of items.


Select how many items display per page.

Note: You also can view school announcements, notifications, and alerts by clicking the School Announcements tab on the Master menu.

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