To view your teacher's class page, follow these steps:

  1. On the Master menu, click Home.
  2. Click Classroom.
  3. Select a class from the Class drop-down list, and then click Class Page.

    Tip: On the Overview tab Progress panel, you can open a Class page by clicking the class in the Subject column.

The Class Summary Panel

The Class Page tab opens with the Class Summary panel at the top. To view a different class, select a new class name in the Class drop-down list.

The Coursework Panel

The Coursework panel displays assignments, quizzes, and discussions for the selected class. For more information, see View Class Coursework.

Note: To view coursework for all your classes, see View All Coursework.

The Class Announcements and Alerts Panel

The Class Announcements and Alerts panel displays communications from your teacher. For more information, see View Class Announcements and Alerts.

The Links and Files Panel

The Links and Files panels display links and files posted by your teacher. For more information, see View Class Resources.

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