To view assignments, quizzes, and discussions for a class, follow these steps:

  1. On the Master menu, click Home.
  2. Click Classroom.
  3. Select the class from the Class drop-down list, and then click Class Page.

    Tip: On the Overview tab Progress panel, you can open a Class page by clicking the class in the Subject column.
  4. Scroll down to the Coursework panel.
  5. See the diagram and table below for details on the Coursework panel.

    Coursework Panel

    By default, coursework due in the next 14 days appears in the Coursework panel.

    You can change the coursework you see by filtering on upcoming, past due, pending, completed, or all coursework.


    View all types of coursework, or view just assignments, quizzes, or discussions.


    Click a title to view coursework details.


    View the due date.

    Note: Coursework due in the next two days displays "Tomorrow" or "Today" and coursework due today is highlighted orange.
Important: On the Class page Coursework panel, you only see coursework for the class you're viewing. To view coursework for all your classes, see View All Coursework.
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