You can send portal messages to and receive portal messages from teachers and school administrators.

Note: Because messages are viewed in and sent from the portal, messages provide a means of communicating with your school when you don't have an e-mail account.

To view and send messages, follow these steps:

  1. On the Master menu, click  E-Mail & Messages  or  Messages.

    Important: You will only see the  E-Mail & Messages  tab or the  Messages  tab if your school administrator has enabled it.
  2. If not already displayed, click the  Messages  tab.
  3. See the diagram and table below for an overview of the  Messages  tab.

Messages Tab
ASwitch between e-mails and messages.
BCompose messages.
CView your messages.
DFilter your messages by name, date sent or received, or status (sent or received).
EOpen a message.
FReply to a message or delete a message.
GBrowse forward and back through pages of messages.
HSelect how many messages display per page.
Fill out my online form.