You can send e-mails to and receive e-mails from teachers, school administrators, and group members. Your e-mails are delivered to the recipients' personal e-mail and portal e-mail.

Note: If you don't have an email account, you can communicate with teachers and school administrators using messages. (See View and Send Messages.)

To view and send e-mails, follow these steps:

  1. On the Master menu, click E-Mail & Messages or E-Mail.

    The E-Mail tab opens.

    Important: You will only see the E-Mail & Messages tab or the E-Mail tab if your school administrator has enabled it.
  2. See the diagram and table below for an overview of the E-mail tab.

E-Mail Tab
ASwitch between e-mails and messages.
BCompose an e-mail, or delete any e-mails you select from the list below.
CDisplay only recent e-mails or display all e-mails.
DSearch e-mails by subject or sender, or clear your search history.
EAccess your inbox, drafted e-mails, or sent e-mails.
FClick an e-mail to open it.
GFilter your e-mails by subject, sender, or date sent or received.

Open an e-mail (   ), reply to an e-mail (), forward an e-mail (), or delete an e-mail ().

IAccess archived e-mail from previous school years.
JBrowse forward and back through pages of e-mails.
KSelect how many e-mails display per page.
Tip: You can also email your teacher about an assignment or a quiz from the Class page  Coursework  panel by clicking  >  E-Mail Teacher.
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