You can take a quiz your teacher has posted to a lesson plan from the Coursework panel on the Overview tab or from the Lesson Plan tab.

Tip: To take a lesson plan quiz from the Coursework panel on the Overview tab, see Take Quizzes.
  1. On the Master menu, click Home.
  2. Click Classroom.
  3. From the Class drop-down list, select a class.
  4. Click Lesson Plans.
  5. Click a unit.
  6. Click a lesson.

  7. Scroll down to the Activities panel.
  8. In the View column, click .

    A dialog box opens, displaying the quiz title, description, and due date. If your teacher has set a time limit for the quiz, the time appears next to Duration.

  9. Click Start Quiz.

    The Quiz panel opens on the quiz you selected.

    Important: You can exit an unfinished quiz by clicking Save and then clicking in the upper-right corner of the Quiz panel. If the quiz is timed, the time you have left is saved.
  10. See the diagram and table below for details on the Quiz panel.

    Quiz Panel

    View general quiz information, such as the unit and lesson the quiz is assigned to and the due date.

    For timed quizzes, you also see the total time you have to take the quiz.


    For the section you're in, view the number of questions you've answered.

    For timed quizzes, you also see the amount of time you have left before the quiz is automatically submitted.

    Note: If you run out of time, the following message appears and your saved answers are automatically submitted:

    If you leave any questions unanswered, the message below appears. Click Yes to submit the quiz or click No to return to the quiz.


    When you're finished taking the quiz, submit your answers.


    View questions for a section.

    Note: On the Sections tab, the changes to when you start a section. A indicates you've completed the section.

    To view a question, click a number. Green question numbers indicate questions you've answered.

    Tip: To change an answer, click the question number, make the change, and then click Save or Save & Continue.

    Depending on the question type, do one of the following:

    • Select the correct answer from a drop-down list (as shown in the diagram).
    • Click True or False.
    • Type your answer.

      Tip: For essay questions, you can use the text editor to format your text; add hyperlinks, tables, and images; and upload files.
    • For a question that requires a file attachment, click Select Files and (optionally) type a description for the file.

    Save your answer. The question number turns green.

    You can move to another question by clicking a question number or you can leave the quiz by clicking in the upper-right corner of the  Quiz  panel.

    Note: When you exit an unfinished timed quiz, your remaining time is saved.

    Save your answer and move to the next question. The question number turns green.

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