To submit an assignment using E-Locker, follow these steps:

Important: Lesson plan assignments must be submitted using E-Locker.
  1. On the Master menu, click E-Locker.

    Important: You will only see E-Locker if permitted by your school administrator.
  2. On the Assignments tab, click Upload.

    The Assignment dialog box opens.

  3. See the diagram and table below for details on the Assignment dialog box.

    Assignment Dialog Box

    Select the class the assignment is posted to, or view assignments for another class.


    Select the assignment.

    COptional: Type a description for the assignment.

    Optional: Type your comments.


    Optional: Type additional information for the assignment. You can use the text editor to format the content and add a hyperlink or table.


    Optional: Attach a file by selecting it in the Files drop-down list.

    Note: To delete a file, click .
    GOptional: Add a link by clicking Add New and typing or copying the Link URL. In Link Text, you can type text that replaces the link URL.
    HSubmit the assignment.
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