When you log in to your student portal, you see the User menu, the Master menu Home tab, and the Overview tab. The Overview tab combines the most frequently used PlusPortals features. Information is organized by panel.

Tip: On most panels, you can click  to view the corresponding tab.

User Menu, Master Menu, and Student Notifications

On the User menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • TeacherLists: View lists of supplies required for your classes and order those supplies directly from retailers.
  • Purchase Books: Access an online bookstore to view your book-lists and order books for your classes.
  • Groups: View all groups you are a member of.
  • Newsfeed: View upcoming school, class, and group communications, as well as class assignments.
  • Click the arrow next to your name to edit your demographic information, change your password, and edit email notification and school directory preferences.
  • Help: View Rediker Software user guides and videos.
  • Logout: Exit the PlusPortals.

On the Master menu, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Calendar: View Events on the school calendar.
  • Course Requests: View, approve, and submit Course Request Forms.
  • Alerts: View the Alerts, Announcements, and Notifications tabs.
    (See View School Announcements, Alerts, and Notifications.)
  • Email and Messages: View and send Emails and/or Messages.
    (See View and Send E-Mails and View and Send Messages.)
  • Directory: View Student, Parent, and Staff information provided by your school.
  • E-Locker: View your submitted coursework and portfolio, and submit coursework.
  • Access online Forms.

On the top of the Home page, you can see the following notification icons:

  • : View unread Alert details.
  • : View unread Message details.
  • : View unread Notification details.
  • : View unread Event details.

Overview Tab Features

On the top of the Overview tab, you can quickly access two other tabs:

  • Classroom: Select a class and view the Class Page, your teacher's Lesson Plans, your Performance in the class, and any available Progress Reports.
  • School: View your class Schedule(s), your Report Card(s), and your Attendance, Discipline, and Demographic data.

On the first row of the Overview tab, you can access information from the Performance tab on the Classroom page:

  • Progress: View class averages and grades.
    (See View Grades.)
  • Recent Scores: View the results of your most recent graded assignments.

On the second row of the Overview tab, you can access information from the Attendance and Discipline tabs on the School page:

  • Attendance Totals: View a list of absence and tardy totals.
  • Incidents: View discipline incident dates and descriptions.

Overview Tab Features

Coursework: View all work assigned in your classes. By default, this panel lists work due in the next 14 days. You can adjust the courswork you see using the filters in the panel header.

You can click  to open a browser window containing a printer-friendly list of the coursework currently listed in this panel. From this new window, you can click Print to print a physical copy or export to PDF.


School Links and Files: View files or links shared by your school.
In the drop-down list, select a different folder to see additional items. Click  to navigate between pages of items. Click  to select how many items display per page.

Overview Tab Features

Calendar: View a list of all current and upcoming events on your school calendar.
This list displays every event type. Click  to view details for a calendar event.


On the last row of the Overview tab, you can access information from the Announcements , Alerts, and Notifications tabs on the Alerts page::

  • Notifications and Alerts: Review school-wide notifications and alerts. Alerts display in red to indicate a higher importance.
    Click  to view details for a notification or alert.
  • School Announcements: Review school-wide announcements.
    Click  to view details for an announcement.
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