When you click a class on the Home tab, the Class page opens, displaying the Section Menu and, by default, the Overview tab. The Overview tab contains several panels from which you can view, post, edit, delete, and/or copy the following class-related information:

  • Class summary
  • Online meetings
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
  • Announcements and alerts
  • Class resources

To change the class you're viewing, click a different class in the Class drop-down list.

Note: Co-teachers will see asterisks next to their classes.

Class Summary

Use the Class Summary panel to add a course description, learning objectives, and other information related to your class. You can also copy a class summary to another class.

Online Meetings Panel

On the Online Meetings panel you can schedule online meetings for your classes, copy meetings to other classes, edit meetings, and delete meetings.

Assignments Panel

On the Assignments panel, you can post, edit, and delete assignments, copy assignments to other classes, and control the visibility of assignments for parents and students.

Class Quizzes Panel

On the Class Quizzes panel, you can post, edit, preview, and delete quizzes and copy quizzes from another class.

Tip: Filter items in a column by clicking, or change the order of items by clicking the column heading.

Discussions Panel

Using the Discussions panel, you can create and manage topics of discussion for your class. 

Class Announcements and Alerts Panel

On the Class Announcements and Alerts panel, you can post, edit, and delete class announcements and alerts.

Links Panel

On the Links panel, you can post, edit, and delete links to web sites, and copy links to other classes.

Files Panel

Use the Files panel to post, edit, and delete files and to copy files to another class.

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