When you tap  on the Home screen, the Main menu opens.

Important: Your school administrator determines the options you see on the Main menu.

Tip: You may need to swipe up to see additional options.

Main Menu

Return to the Dashboard.


Open the Progress screen, where you can view grades and recent scores. Using the tabs at the bottom of the screen, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Open the Classes screen, where you can view the Class page for a selected class.
  • View your student's Schedule.
  • View the More screen, where you can access your student's performance, attendance, demographic information, report cards, discipline history, and progress reports, as well as teacher lesson plans.
Homework/AssignmentView Assignments for All Classes.
NewsfeedView the Newsfeed, which displays school announcements, alerts, and notifications.
CalendarView Calendar Events.
E-Mail & MessagesView and Send E-mails in Your Portal and View and Send Messages in Your Portal.
Progress ReportsOpen the Progress Reports screen, where you can view your student's progress report for a selected class or you can view a combined progress report for all your student's classes.
E-LockerAccess your student's E-Portfolio.

Access the staff, parent, and student directories.

Note: Photos are added by your school administrator.

School Links & Files

Access resources posted by the school administrator.


Access pages and calendars for groups your student is in.

SettingsSet Login Preferences and Set Mobile Push Notification Preferences.
LogoutLog out of the ParentPlus Portal mobile app.
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