At log in, you're prompted to activate the TeacherLists integration using the following steps:

Important: Because parents and students are directed to the TeacherLists Classroom Supplies List page once you've activated the integration, we recommend uploading your supplies lists prior to integration.
  1. Click the link in the TeacherLists Notification dialog box.

    Note: You can also access the TeacherLists integration settings by clicking Setup > Integrations on the navigation bar and scrolling down to the TeacherLists Integration panel.
  2. On the TeacherLists Integration panel, select the Enable TeacherLists Integration check box to enable the following TeacherLists features:
    1. TeacherLists Classroom Supplies List page
    2. Log-in prompt for teachers to create their classroom supplies lists
    3. Log-in prompts for parents and students to visit the TeacherLists Classroom Supplies List
    4. TeacherLists link on the PlusPortals User menu
  3. Select the Show TeacherLists button on the login page check box to enable the TeacherLists link that displays on the Login page.

    Important: To select this check box you must first select the Enable TeacherLists Integration check box.
  4. Optional: In Summary Information, create a message that displays on the TeacherLists Classroom Supplies Lists page and the PlusPortals Home page (if enabled).

    Note: When enabled, this message also displays on the enhanced Login (Home) page. (See Add a TeacherLists Link to the PlusPortals Home Page for details.)

  5. Click Save.

At log in, teachers are now prompted to upload their classroom supplies lists while students and parents are prompted to visit the TeacherLists Classroom Supplies Lists page.

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