Online Learning Webinar for Administrators

This webinar provides an overview of how PlusPortals supports online classroom workflows with useful and easy-to-use features. Teachers can conduct classroom activities from their portal class pages and communicate with students, parents, and other staff using email and messages. Families can access class pages where they can participate in classroom discussions, submit coursework, access class resources, and view scores and grades.

Online Learning Guides

Online Learning Feature

Online Meetings

From the Online Meetings panel, you can schedule and manage video-based group meetings with your students. You can schedule meetings using Microsoft Teams links or custom links from any online meeting service. In their portals, students can view and join meetings scheduled for the current day. They will see a description and start time for the meeting, and they can click the title to join the meeting. Parents have the same access to their students' meetings from their ParentPlus Portal.

Online Learning Feature

The Google Classroom™ Integration

The TeacherPlus Gradebook is now Integrated with Google Classroom™. Administrators can activate this integration in the TeacherPlus Gradebook Management Site. Once the integration is active, teachers can link their Gradebooks to Google Classroom™.

Online Learning Feature Guide

The Discussion Builder

Using the Discussion Builder, teachers can hold classroom discussions in a more flexible way. When a teacher creates a PlusPortals discussion, students can study from home while still engaging in the day's lesson with their teacher and peers.

Guides For Administrators

Administrators can set up the PlusPortals and the TeacherPlus Gradebook for online learning by enabling the proper permissions and managing user accounts.

Guides For Teachers

Teachers can use the TeacherPlus Portal and Gradebook to manage classes, communicate with parents and students, and track class progress.

Guide for Parents

Parents can find an overview of the ParentPlus web application that includes walk-throughs of common tasks.

Guide for Students

Students can find an overview of the StudentPlus web application that includes walk-throughs of common tasks.

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Online Learning Videos for Teachers

The videos in this playlist provide an overview of how teachers can conduct classroom activities by creating and managing assignments and quizzes for students in their classes.