To view or edit a cohort's data in a table, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to LiveBook. 
  2. Click on the chapter you wish to view. 
  3. Click  next to the cohort you want to view. 
  4. To sort the data in ascending order, click the header of the column. Clicking the header again will sort the data in descending order. 
  5. Optional: Use the menu to perform any of the following actions:


    LiveBook Function Menu
    • Export the contents of a table to an Excel sheet
    • Create notes on the table

      Note: If any notes are saved on the table, the  icon will appear in the toolbar.

    FilterFilter table data from a variety of variables (see Filter a Table)

    Data StudySwitches from the cohort's Table view to the Data Study view (see View a Study)

    Charting Presentation ManagerSwitches the cohort's Table view to the Charting Presentation Manager (see View a Charting Presentation)

    Cohort ManagerOpen the Cohort Manager (see Cohort Manager)

    Cohort FunctionsSwitch the current active cohort