From the Charting Presentation Manager, you can view Charting Presentations, as well as create new presentations or edit existing presentations.

To view or edit a Charting Presentation, follow these steps: 

  1. Log in to LiveBook. 
  2. Click on the chapter you wish to view. 
  3. Click  to go to the Charting Presentation Manager. 
  4. Click the Charting Presentation you want to view. 
  5. Optional: Use the Presentation controls to begin a presentation. 
  6. Hover over  to view the SQL statement for the chart. 
  7. Click  to see the chart data in a table format. 

Create a Charting Presentation

To create a Charting Presentation, follow these steps: 

  1. Click Add Presentation
  2. Type a Title for the presentation. 
  3. Optional: Type a Comment for the presentation. Comments appear when hovering over the Title from the Charting Presentation Manager. 
  4. Optional: Select the Public check box to make the presentation visible to other LiveBook users in your organization
  5. Click Save
  6. In the Charts dialog, click, and then click Build Chart to add a new chart to the Presentation. 
  7. In the Chart Builder dialog, do the following:

    Note: While creating your chart, click Plot to preview the chart with the currently selected parameters. 

    1. Type a Chart Title
    2. Select a Chart Type (see Types of Charts). 
    3. Select an Xaxis Value from the box, then select a Yaxis Value

      Note: The X-axis and Y-Axis value sections will only populate once a chart type is selected. 

    4. Select a Math Operator to summarize the Y-axis value as an AVG, COUNT, MIN, MAX, or SUM
    5. Optional: Select a Sort Field

      Note: The Sort Field is automatically entered when the X-axis value is selected. 

      The X-Axis will be sorted in Ascending order by default but can be changed to Descending by selecting the Desc check box. 

  8. Click Chart Options to edit the size of the chart, chart labels, and other parameters or the charts. 

    Note: Not all parameters are applicable to all types of charts. 

  9. Click Chart Range to allow users to filter the chart within the presentation. 

    Note: For example, a chart on GPA could be filtered for Grade Levels 09 - 12 if those are the only grades that calculate GPA. 

  10. Click Charting Instructions to view helpful tips on the chart builder and the different types of charts available. 

    Note: To view charting instructions, you must first click Plot to preview the chart, then select the charting instruction. 

  11. In the Charts dialog, you can perform the following actions to edit your Presentation:
    1. Hover over and select a chart to edit it. 
    2. Hover over  to sort chart order. 
    3. Hover over  to edit headers and sidebars. 
  12. Use the Layouts section to determine how your charts are organized on the page. 

    Note: The  icon allows you to define a custom layout. 

  13. Optional: You can use the Presentation dialog to toggle Presentation display options:
    1. Toggle the Header or Side Bar toggles to turn on/off the header and sidebar for a presentation. 
    2. Click  to display the charts full screen on a 6 second loop. 
    3. Click the buttons to display one chart at a time full screen and to toggle back and forth between charts. 
    4. Click  to exit full screen mode and display the charts together. 
  14. Click  to save your Charting Presentation. 

Edit or Delete a Charting Presentation 

To edit or delete a Charting Presentation from the Charting Presentation Manager, follow these steps: 

  1. Click Edit Presentation
  2. Click Edit next to the presentation to change Presentation Name, Comment, or Sort Order. 

    Note: Click Update to save changes. 

  3. Optional: Check the Public Access check box to make the Charting Presentation visible to other LiveBook users in your organization. 
  4. Click Delete to delete a chart. 
  5. When you're finished, click Return