LiveBook is designed to bring together data from multiple sources and create various charts and data displays. Teachers can access the data for their students directly from TeacherPlus Gradebook.

LiveBook is organized into Sections with Chapters. 

Each Chapter can have one or more tabs, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Within each individual Chapter, data can be organized into Cohorts. A Cohort is a user-defined grouping of records based on a variety of filters. 


A Cohort's parameters can include any demographic information you want. A few examples are included here:

  • All students in Grade 12 with over 99% attendance
  • All students with below a 3.0 GPA 
  • All students who have a disability 

Once Cohorts have been defined, Cohort data can be viewed in the following ways:

IconViewing MethodDescription

ComparisonPredefined group of charts that graphically compare the selected member to other members in the cohort (see View a Comparison)

StudyPreset visualizations of data with drill-down capability (see View a Study)

TableTabular view of data with visual formatting to help the user interpret and evaluate information (see View a Table)

ChartingCharting presentations created by LiveBook users that can be viewed, shared, or played as a slideshow (see View a Charting Presentation)