ParentPlus Interactive Guides

The ParentPlus web portal connects parents and students with schools and teachers. As a parent, you can stay informed about what's happening at school—from knowing if the school is closed on a given day to seeing how well your child did on his or her last homework or exam. With features like the E-Locker, uploading homework as a parent or student is only a few clicks away.

For more information, read the new ParentPlus Portal Web Application User Guide.

These interactive guides show you how to navigate the ParentPlus portal and find the information you need. You can interact with a simulation as you're guided through how to use ParentPlus portal features step-by-step. To get started, just click an interactive guide below.

View Classroom ProgressPlay Button

View Classroom Progress

Submit Homework through E-LockerPlay Button

Submit Homework through E-Locker

Send E-Mails and MessagesPlay Button

Send E-Mails and Messages

Newsfeed and CalendarPlay Button

Newsfeed and Calendar


Learn how to configure the parent directory and email notifications.

Customize Directory ListingPlay Button

Customize Directory Listing

Learn to add your contact information to the parent directory or completely remove yourself from the directory.

Customize E-Mail NotificationsPlay Button

Customize E-Mail Notifications

Learn to enable email notifications and customize their frequency as well as disable them completely.

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