Generate a Student Progress Report

You can create progress reports for any number of students in any of the sections you teach as well as include classes taught by all other teachers. The reports can then be printed or saved in a variety of standard formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Rich Text Format, TIFF, or Web Archive.

  1. Click Reports on the navigation bar to display the Reports menu.
    Reports Menu
  2. Click Student Reports, and then click one of the following:
    • Progress Report: This option enables you create a progress report for the gradebook currently in use.
    • Combined Progress Report: With this option, you can generate a progress report for all of your classes or other teachers' classes.
    Student Reports List
  3. Click Settings Button at the top.
  4. In the Settings dialog box, name the report in the Report Name Customization area.
  5. If you clicked Progress Report in step 2, do any of the following:
    • In the Print Which Boxes area, select the check box for each type of information you want displayed on the report.
    • In the Page Customization area, choose whether you want to display a header on the first page of the report or/and a footer with the student's name, course, and date.
    Report Settings
  6. If you clicked Combined Progress Report in step 2, select what information you want to display on the report, whether you want to generate a report for your classes or all teachers' classes, and if the report applies to all sections or a specific quarter or semester section.
    Combined Progress Report
  7. To change the orientation of the report, click one of the options in the Report Layout area.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click a marking period from the Select Marking Period drop-down list.
    Report Marking Period
  10. In the Select Students column on the left, select the check box corresponding to a student for whom you want to generate a progress report.
    Select Students for Report

    If you're generating reports for all students, select the Select All check box.

  11. Click Generate Report.
  12. To send a report to Edline or PlusPortals, click Send To Edline/PlusPortals above the report. This options is only available if you clicked the Progress Report option in step 2.

    Clicking Send To Edline doesn't send the reports directly to Edline. The reports are sent to the Administrator's Plus Edline Holding Bin and then sent to Edline.

  13. To add a memo to the report, click Report Memo.

Use the menu bar above the report to navigate multiple reports you've generated, print the reports, or save the reports in a variety of formats. Zooming for the report can be controlled at the lower-right corner of the report window.

Reports Menu Bar

You can also generate a report for a specific student from the TeacherPlus startup screen. Right-click a student name to display more options, and then click Progress Report.

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