Generate a Marking Period Audit Report

Before submitting grades at the end of each marking period, it's a good idea to generate a quick audit report for at least one student for an overview of grades. An audit report can help you catch any grading inconsistencies, such as errors in category weighting, possible points for an assignment, or final grade percentages.

  • Do one of the following:
    • Right-click a student's semester or final grade, and then click Audit Report.
    • Right-click a student's current marking period’s average, and then click Audit Report.

    Audit reports appear in a new browser window, and they display a detailed overview of grades and how they were calculated. For example, the following audit report example shows the student's grades for each assignment, project, or quiz, and it includes how the averages were calculated. (Hover over the report to zoom in.)

    Marking Period Audit Report

    The following image illustrates a final grade Audit Report.

    Final Grade Audit Report

To print an Audit Report, click Print at the upper-right corner of the Audit Report window.

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