Generate a Class Report

With the Class Reports feature, you can generate specific class reports, including missing work, failing work, assignment scores for a given marking period, and class summary. In addition, you can generate a gradebook spreadsheet or even a blank spreadsheet with only students' names.

  1. Click Reports on the navigation bar to display the Reports menu.
    Reports Menu
  2. In the Class Reports list, click a class report type.
    Class Report List
  3. Do one or more of the following only if applicable to the report you're generating:
    • In the upper-left side of the report's dialog box, click a marking period from the Select Marking Period list.
      Select Marking Period

      This step applies to Missing Work Report, Failing Work Report, and Assignment/Subtotal Report.

    • If generating a Failing Work report, enter the Failing Cut-off percentage.
      Failing Cut-off
    • If generating a Blank Spreadsheet report, click Settings Button at the upper-right corner to choose your report layout, and click Portrait or Landscape.

  4. Click Generate to create the report.
  5. To refine what information is displayed on the report, click Settings at the upper-left corner, and select the check boxes for the information you want displayed.

Use the menu bar above the report to navigate multiple reports you've generated, print the reports, or save the reports in a variety of formats. Zooming for the report can be controlled at the lower-right corner of the report window.

Reports Menu Bar

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