Create an Assessment Report for an Assignment

Creating an assessment report for an assignment can be really useful for when you need to print an in-depth report of how well students have done on a particular assignment. You can customize the report to display analytical information for the assignment, such as ranking, median, range, and other similar information.

  1. Right-click the header cell of the assignment column.
    Right-click Assessment Report
  2. After the report is generated, customize what information to include in the report by clicking Settings at the upper-left corner.
  3. In the Column Report Settings dialog box, select the check box for each type of information column to be displayed on the report, and click OK.
    Column Report Settings Dialog Box

Use the menu bar above the report to navigate multiple reports you've generated, print the reports, or save the reports in a variety of formats. Zooming for the report can be controlled at the lower-right corner of the report window.

Reports Menu Bar

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