View Archived Gradebooks

Even after a new school year has started, you can still access the gradebooks from the previous school year, which become archived in read-only mode. Although not all functionality is available in archived gradebooks, you have the flexibility to:

  • Print various reports, including progress and attendance reports.
  • See narratives by right-clicking on any score.
  • See the student snapshot by clicking a student’s name.
  • Save the gradebook as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • See and print audit reports for averages and skills.

To view archived gradebooks, do the following:

  • Click View on the navigation menu, and then select an archived year from the Archived Gradebooks drop-down list.

    Archived Gradebooks

    When you switch to archived gradebooks, the navigation menu changes to gray, and the school name at the top changes to Viewing followed by the school year (for example, Viewing 2013-14). Columns also become locked.

    Viewing Archived Gradebooks

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