Submit Grades

Depending on your school's policy, you may be required to submit your gradebooks to the main office for each marking period. There are many benefits to submitting grades using the Submit feature, including:

  • Indicating to the main office that you have finalized grades for a marking period.
  • Enabling TeacherPlus to inform you of any assignment columns currently not counting in the average (in case you intended all assignments to count in the average).
  • Ensuring that all marking period grades, as well as the semester and/or final grade column(s), are up to date by recalculating the grades.

Submitting grades may be optional depending on your school's policy, so be sure you check if this process is required from you.

Submit Grades

To submit grades for a given marking period, do the following:

  1. Click Submit on the navigation menu.
    Submit Menu
  2. In the Submit menu, click the marking period for which you want to submit grades.

    If you've submitted grades and the office has yet to see the grades, the submit link changes to Ready. If the office has already received the grades, the link changes to Received.

Re-submit Grades

You can re-submit grades in case you need to make any corrections.

To re-submit grades, do the following:

  1. In the Submit menu, click the submit link for the marking period you submitted previously so that it changes from Ready or Received to Not Ready.
  2. Make the appropriate grade changes.
  3. Click the same marking period submit link from step 1 to re-submit grades.

View Submit Status

View the submit status of your gradebooks without having to open each gradebook individually.

  1. Click View on the navigation menu.
  2. Click Gradebooks in the View menu.
  3. View the Submit Status for each gradebook in the View Which Gradebooks dialog box.

    Submit Status

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