Change Weights for Semester and Final Averages

If enabled by your TeacherPlus manager, you can change how term averages are weighted for quarter, semester, and all-year courses. Before changing the weight of a term average, consult your TeacherPlus manager regarding your school's grade average policy.

  1. Click Grading on the navigation bar, and then click Averages to display the Averages dialog box.

    The Averages dialog box lists semester(s) or final grade average tables. The number of tables and their names vary from school to school and depend on what your TeacherPlus manager has set.

  2. In a term table, double-click the Weights cell corresponding to a marking period or exam.
  3. Type the average value, and press Enter.

    The weight values are based on ratios. As a result, they don't need to add up to 100, but you can choose to do so to make the process easier.

    Keep in mind that although each table lists the same rows, only certain rows are relevant to a term table. For example, a semester one and a semester two tables may both list the same four quarters, but the averages for the first two quarters would be entered in the semester one table. Likewise, the average values for the last two quarters would be entered in the semester two table.

    Term Averages Term Averages

  4. Click OK.

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