Link and Assess Skills

When it comes to assessing students on skills set by your school, there are two approaches you can take: Either automatically assign a skill grade for each skill you have linked to Score columns, or directly enter the skill grade via the Skills/Standards dialog box.

Link Specific Skills to a Score Column and Assess the Skills Automatically

  1. Double-click at the top of the assignment Score column to display more options.
  2. In the Edit Column Name & Details dialog box, click Link Skills/Standards.
    Edit Column Name and Details
  3. In the Link Skills/Standards dialog box, select each check box corresponding to the skill you wish to link to the assignment.
    Link Skills Dialog Box

    The list of skills is determined by your school.

  4. Click OK.
  5. To view the skills you have linked to a specific assignment, click the orange arrow icon Linked Skill Icon at the top of the assignment Score column.

    When skills are linked to Score columns, the skill grades are automatically calculated based on the percentage score the student receives for the assignment or exam. For example, in the following figure, we have two students graded on a homework assignment that has been linked to a skill. One student earned a grade of 92 percent (converted to a skill grade of "EX" for Exceeding), whereas the other student scored a 68 percent (converted to a skill grade of "PR" for Progressing). The skill grade cut-off values are set by the TeacherPlus administrator.
    Automatically Calculated Skill Grades

Assess Skills via Direct Entry

  1. Click the SK/ST button Skill Button below the navigation bar.
  2. In the Skills/Standards dialog box, do one of the following:
    • Right-click a Score cell, and click a skill grade from the displayed list of available linked skill grades.
    • Type the skill grade directly into a Score cell, and press Enter.
    • Type the skill grade directly into a Score cell, and press Enter.

    Repeat step 2 to change or override any skill grade. Overridden grades appear in green.

    Whenever you open the Skills/Standards dialog box, click Recalculate Button at the upper-right corner to recalculate all skill grades. Because skill grades do not automatically recalculate when you open the dialog box, it's important to use this when new skill scores have been entered recently to ensure the most up-to-date skill grades.

  3. To view which Score columns have been linked to a skill, click the green icon Linked Skill Info at the top of the skill column.
    Columns Linked to Skills
  4. In the Linked Score Columns dialog box, click View to see how all skill grades for a given skill column will be averaged into the final skill grade for the marking period.
    Skill Grade Scale

    Skills linked to specific Score columns display the green icon Linked Skill Icon, whereas skills not linked to any columns display the blue icon Skills Not Linked Icon.

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