Set a Grade Weight

By default, category weights are set by the school's TeacherPlus administrator. If enabled by the administrator, teachers can also change the score weight of categories. Score weights give you the flexibility to set the ratio of each assignment type. The ratios are then automatically converted to their respective percentages.

  1. Click Grading on the navigation bar.
    Grading Menu
  2. In the Grading menu, click Category/Column Weighting.
  3. In the Category/Column Weighting dialog box, do any of the following:
    • Select the check box next to Convert Scores to a percentage before calculating Marking Period Averages (Not recommended) to change all of your column scores to percentages before calculating the marking period average (if your TeacherPlus administrator has enabled this feature).

      Choosing Yes for this feature converts all scores to percentages. For example, an 8 out of 10 on a quiz is converted to an 80% out of 100%. It's recommended to choose No (Recommended) because the quiz is now considered to have the same number of points as a test, which the student actually earned an 80% out of 100%.

    • Select the check box next to Weight columns (Not recommended) to weight all your gradebook columns (if your TeacherPlus administrator has enabled this feature).

      Choosing Yes for this feature enables you to weight each column. Both the points earned and the points possible are multiplied by the weight. For example, a student may earn an 80% on a 10-point quiz and also an 80% on a 100-point test. You can then weight the test column as a "2" and the quiz column as a "1," which makes the test count twice as much as the quiz, even though 100 points is not twice as much as 10 points. It is recommended to choose No (Recommended) for this feature because students have an easier time understanding the "what you see is what you get" grading method (total points earned divided by total points possible).

    • Select the check box next to Weight Categories to weight all your gradebook categories.
  4. Double-click the weight of the assignment category you want to change to display more options.

    Category Column Weighting

  5. In the Category dialog box, type the weight of the category in the Weight text field.
    Category Dialog Box

    Because grade weights are ratios that are automatically converted to appropriate percentages, there are many approaches you can take to the weight values.

  6. Click Save.
  7. Click OK.

From the Category dialog box, you can also change the color of the assignment category from the Color drop-down list.

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