Grade an Assignment

When it comes time to grade assignments, TeacherPlus offers different approaches to expedite the grading process based on your particular situation.

Grade an Assignment Using the Conventional Approach

  1. Double-click the Score column cell that corresponds to a specific student.

    Enter Grade

  2. Type the grade value using your keyboard, and press Enter.

    If the assignment you're grading doesn't count in the overall average, its score values appear in red. Also note that if the column is locked (indicated by the locked padlock Locked Column Icon at the top of the column), you won't be able to enter any scores. If that's the case, click the locked padlock icon so that it displays an open padlock Unlocked Column Icon.

  3. Repeat steps 1–2 to enter the grades for the remaining students.

The Average and Subtotal column values are automatically calculated when you enter a grade for an assignment. These column values only include grades you've assigned, excluding assignments you have yet to grade.

Grade an Assignment Using Quick Entry

When you have many students in your class and need to grade them on various assignments, you can expedite the process by using Quick Entry to find and grade students.

  1. Click the QE button Quick Entry Button below the navigation bar to turn on Quick Entry.

    When turned off, the Quick Entry button is colored orange. When turned on, the button turns green, and the Searching function appears below the button (see the figure in the next step).

  2. In Searching, type the first letters of the student's last name to automatically locate the student.

    Quick Entry Search

  3. When focus changes to the student, type the score value, and then press Enter.

You can change whether TeacherPlus shifts focus to the next cell to the right or down when entering grades for an assignment. Click Settings at the upper-right corner of TeacherPlus. In the Settings dialog box, click one of the two Enter-key moves focus options. If you're grading many students on just one assignment, moving focus down is recommended. If you're grading one student on many assignments, shifting focus to the right is a more efficient alternative.

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