Drop Lowest Score in a Marking Period

Using the Drop Scores feature, you can drop one or more of students' overall lowest score(s) in a marking period. You can either have TeacherPlus automatically determine what a student's lowest score is, or you can manually drop whichever score you prefer. Because TeacherPlus determines what the lowest score should be only at the time you run the feature, it's recommended you use the feature only at the end of the marking period (since grades are subject to change before then). Dropped scores can be undone if needed.

Automatically Drop the Lowest Score for All Students

  1. Click Grading on the navigation bar, click Drop Scores, and then click Drop Lowest Score.
    Drop Lowest Score
  2. In the Drop Lowest Score warning box, click the assignment category for which you want to drop the lowest score.
    Drop Score Warning

    The order in which the categories are selected makes a difference in how the lowest scores are dropped, depending on the category weight. For example, if you were to drop the lowest test first and then the lowest quiz, it could result in completely different scores being dropped than if you were to have dropped the lowest quiz followed by the lowest test.

  3. Select the Undo any previous dropped scores check box, and click Yes. Selecting this check box resets any previously dropped scores, allowing TeacherPlus to consider all scores when determining the lowest one to drop.

    The dropped score appears in red, and it no longer counts in averages.

  4. To drop a second lowest score, repeat steps 1 and 2, but clear the Undo any previous dropped scores check box. TeacherPlus determines what the next lowest score should be dropped, excluding the previously dropped lowest score.

    If dropping more than one lowest score, remember that TeacherPlus does not consider any previously dropped lowest scores at the time the feature is run again. For example, imagine that a student has scores A, B, and C. When the feature is run the first time, TeacherPlus looks at all three scores and determines that score A should be dropped to improve the average. Upon running the feature again, TeacherPlus only looks at scores B and C, and it decides that score C is the lowest. In the end, scores A and C are dropped; however, if everything was undone and all scores were considered, it is possible that dropping scores A and B might improve the average better than dropping scores A and C (depending on the weight of the category to which the score belongs).

  5. To have TeacherPlus automatically drop the lowest score of an individual student, right-click any of the student's scores, and then click Drop Lowest Score for (the student's name).
    Drop a Student's Lowest Score
  6. To undo all dropped scores, click Grading, click Drop Scores, and then click Undo Dropped Scores.

Drop a Student's Lowest Score Manually

  1. Locate and right-click the lowest score to display a shortcut menu.
  2. Click Drop This Score.
    Manually Drop a Lowest Score
  3. To undo the dropped score, right-click it, and then click Undo Dropped Score (Include in Average).

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