Audit a Skill Grade

You can see exactly how the average for a skill grade has been calculated by auditing it.

  1. Click the SK/ST button Skill Icon below the navigation bar.
  2. In the Skills/Standards dialog box, right-click the skill grade to be audited.
  3. Click Skill Grade Audit from the list of options. Skill Grade Audit

    The Skill Grade Audit dialog box displays the skill grade for every linked Score column as well as how the average was calculated.


The following figure of the Skill Grade Audit dialog box illustrates a skill grade audit for the student Kate Bachelder.
Skill Grade Audit

Chap 3 HW (Row 1): Kate scored 7 out of 10 (70 percent), which was automatically converted to a skill grade of "Som" ("Sometimes") based on the percentage cut-off values that her teacher's TeacherPlus administrator set. However, her teacher overrode it to a "Usu" ("Usually"). The original grade of “Som” is shown in parentheses.

HW 2 (Row 2): Kate scored 18 out of 20 (90 percent), resulting in the skill grade "Mos" ("Mostly").

Quiz 2 (Row 3): Kate received an A+, which counts as 98.5 percent according to the score table. Kate gets a "Mos."

In summary, Kate has two grades of "Mostly" and one grade of "Usually." The Quality Points entered for each grade are used to determine that Kate has an average of 3.66. By clicking View in the Skill Grade Audit dialog box, we can see the table used to award Kate a grade of "Mostly." Note that the cut-off values are automatically determined to be half-way points between two grades.
Grade Scale Dialog Box

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