Add Decimal Places to Grades

TeacherPlus enables you to add up to two decimal places to Score column grades. The grades for the Score columns counting in averages, including their decimal values, are averaged and shown in the Average column.

  1. Click Settings at the upper-right corner of TeacherPlus to show the Settings dialog box.
    Reload Button
  2. In the Score Options area, do one of the following:
    • Click 1 for Number of decimal places to use to set decimal places to one (for example, 89.4).
    • Click 2 for Number of decimal places to use to set decimal places to two (for instance, 89.45).
    • Click 0 not to use any decimals.
    Set Decimal Places

Setting decimal places to scores and changing your settings back to no decimals may negatively impact students’ averages. For example, imagine that you set the decimal places to 1 and assigned a grade of 89.3 to one student and a grade of 89.9 to another student. If you were to change the decimal places to 0 again, both scores of 89.3 and 89.9 would lose their decimal values, and the grades would be converted to an 89. As a result, the student who should have received a grade of 89.9 (or 90) would have his overall average negatively affected.

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