Add a Comment to a Student

If enabled by your school, you can add a comment to any student from a pre-populated list of comments. These comments are predefined by the school and provide you a way to add extra insights about how well students are doing. If you're looking to write specific comments about a student's progress for a given marking period, see the topic Add a Narrative to a Student.

Add a Comment for a Student in a Comment Column

  1. Right-click the cell of the Comment column corresponding to a student.
    Comment Column
  2. From the list of options in the shortcut menu, click Enter Comment.
    Enter Comment
  3. From the list of comments in the Comments dialog box, click a comment, and then click Select.
  4. Repeat steps 1–3 to change an existing comment.

Each marking period has its own set of Comment columns. As a result, the comments you enter for one marking period will not apply to other marking periods.

You can apply filters to the comments in the Comments dialog box by clicking the Filter icon Filter Icon.

Hide or Unhide a Comment Column

  1. To hide a Comment column, right-click the top of the column to display more options, and then click Hide Current Column.
    Hide Comment Column
  2. To unhide the column, click View on the navigation bar, and then click Unhide Selected Pane Columns from the Unhide drop-down list.
  3. Select the check box corresponding to the Comment column you wish to unhide, and then click OK.

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