Select a Gradebook

From the Gradebooks menu, you can access all of the gradebooks that have been assigned to you. Each gradebook corresponds to a class or class section.

  1. Click Gradebooks on the navigation bar to display the Gradebooks menu.
    Gradebook Navigation Bar

    Depending on the size of your screen, you may only be able to view a certain number of gradebooks in the Gradebooks menu. To select any additional gradebooks not visible in the Gradebooks menu, click More, located to the right of the last gradebook listed.

    Gradebook Menu
  2. From the list of gradebook options, click a gradebook to load it.

    Your gradebook roster is determined by Administrator’s Plus, your school’s SIS (Student Information System). Even if there are some students you would like to delete, only the office can remove them.

  3. To quickly find the number of students in a gradebook roster, locate the box at the upper-left corner of the TeacherPlus startup screen.
    Gradebook Navigation Panel
  4. To include any students who have been withdrawn, select the Include Withdrawn check box at the upper-left corner of the screen.
    Include Withdrawn

    The withdrawn students appear in the roster in red. Also note that the office cannot delete or remove data from withdrawn students in your gradebook.

    Withdrawn Student

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