Configure Additional View Settings

You can further customize view options for scores, columns, dropped students, and the TeacherPlus startup screen by accessing the Settings dialog box. This topic gives you a brief overview of each of the Settings areas.

To access the Settings dialog box:

  • Click Settings at the upper-right corner of TeacherPlus.
    Settings Button
    Score Options Settings

Score Options: Choose to:

  • Allow, do not allow, or warn when an entered score exceeds maximum possible points. For example, if you have a quiz or exam in which bonus points are allowed beyond the maximum points for the exam, you may want to make it possible for you to enter a score such as 105.
  • Move cell focus to the right or down when you press Enter on your keyboard. For instance, when you're entering student scores, you can choose whether pressing Enter on your keyboard moves focus to the cell to the right or down. If you need to grade several assignments per student, choosing to move focus to the right is recommended because it selects the next assignment cell. In contrast, if you need to grade several students for just one assignment, moving cell focus down expedites editing by selecting the next student.

Other: Change the color for dropped students to red or gray.

Number of decimal places to use: If you use decimals for your scores, click 1 or 2, or click 0 if you do not use decimals at all.

Column Options Settings

Column Options: Choose whether to add new Score columns to the right or left. For example, at the end of a semester or quarter, you may have several assignments. Choosing to add new Score columns to the left will keep you from having to scroll to view your most recent column. You can also choose to show the Student Name column and certain Pane columns on the right, in addition to displaying them on the left by default, for your convenience.

Startup Screen: Select whether TeacherPlus opens in the gradebook you used last or a specific gradebook. If you have a specific template you like, you may want to open TeacherPlus using that template.

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